Statement from the Cronshaw’s

Dear Pastors / Students

As Christians striving to walk in ‘the word”, GOD has given each of us the spirit of wisdom and discernment,
There comes a time when we are all tested spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  During those moments, faced with difficult choices, we must ensure our spiritual integrity and wellbeing remains intact when making important life choices.

Over the last couple of weeks, my wife and I have come to the realisation that we had to face a difficult choice.  Led by the mind of GOD our decision was made.
Ordinarily such decisions would be made and acknowledged privately. However, as this decision may affect you as a registered or paid member of the GSRM website. Therefore, it is right and proper to formally announce it.

We take our obligations & responsibilities, to you as a registered / paid member very seriously.
In keeping with dispensing our obligations to you as registered / paid member.  We as legal owners of the GSRM Website, under the Ltd UK company registration, we are honour- bound to give you an explanation of current events, as it pertains to the GSRM ministry website.

Firstly, it is important to express.  My wife and I have been & are content with our lives. As well as our full-time work commitments. We were not seeking any career change.  Prior to commencing this massive undertaking to develop a website platform, study groups and the like. 

We undertook the project as unpaid volunteers for GSRM ministries. 
We had a fervent desire to give back by serving the LORD, in whatever way our HEAVENLY FATHER saw fit to introduce into our lives.

So, the GSRM website was conceived out of our desire to help others to receive the WORD of the LORD and to help the founder to reach his ministry goals.

The website format was built with you the students/ members in mind.  conceived from the ideas of you the students to:
Formulate your own study groups based on the teachings of Dr. Larry Gaiters
To have access to the GSRM wider community
To join a study Group in your local area
To Learn at your own pace through videos, blogs, and articles Insiders Club membership, with access to a higher level of teaching.

In short, a learning platform based on the WORD of GOD.
It was never meant to be a political platform. Or for that matter a money-making enterprise – but a learning platform, informative and educational on a wide range of spiritual topics.

Armed with this knowledge my wife and I set about developing a platform for the students that would cover a lot of these aims and more.

We started off with our own personal funds “on the wing of a prayer”. A lot of hard work blood, sweat, and tears went into building the platform to what it is today. All whilst holding down our regular full-time jobs.

After a lot of careful though and consideration.  We are saddened to announce that we will be leaving the ministry, as we cannot be part of something we are no longer in spiritual alignment with.

Therefore, as owners of the GSRM website, we formally announce the dissolution of the GSRM website platform effective immediately.

We feel directed by the mind of GOD This is the best solution all round, as we came into the realisation: That confidence / trust in GSRM ministries and its Founder had been lost.
We cannot and will not compromise our spiritual integrity, knowing that this position renders our involvement with the ministry untenable.

That is to say – We can no longer devote support to this ministry where its Founder displays behaviours contrary to his teachings.

We never sought and I quote “The keys to any Ferrari”.
We were never on a power trip
we never sought fame or kudos or congratulations.

What you give quietly unto the LORD. HE will always manifest openly.


After operating expenses for dissolving the GSRM Ltd company UK Division & after paying out for recent Satellite Study Group events, including event merchandise/ meals, Less company expenses and directives

You will all receive a percentage remuneration of your membership fee. If you are a paid member as of the date of this announcement.

Unless you have already received a refund due to cancellation of membership. Prior to today announcement.

Please be patient as we go through the process, and rest assured that you will receive a percentage refund in financial renumeration.

We are not obligated to disclose financial statements as a private Ltd company in the UK, which was set up with Dr. Larry Gaiters approval.

However, we are open and transparent, so these company accounts will be viewable by the end of the financial year.  (Unlike a 501 c-3 organisation).

Rest assured that we take our legal obligation as a Private Ltd UK company that holds data, extremely seriously.
We follow strict GDPR regulations, as a result your data will not be shared or given to any third-party organisation and will be deleted from our database in due course.
(We are legally obliged to do this.)

This is a formal announcement of intent with regards to the website.  
Informing you that your data will be completely eased within 30 days’ time.  (From today date 26/08/2021).

You will receive an email notification reminder that your data is pending deletion within 14 days

You will receive your final email notification to confirm the deletion of your data from the website platform backup servers and any backup of the data.


If you desire to continue with GSRM then you will have to re-apply or re-register to whatever platform will be developed by GSRM New York. For study groups and the like.

Any emails forwarded to any of the listed GSRM email accounts will be redirected to the New York offices where 25 staff are at hand to deal with your queries
(Duration or redirection: 30 days from today)

Contact information below:


Alternatively, you can write to
NEW YORK 10022

+1 (888) 340 3330

We can only give our TRUTH – and how you wish to receive it is entirely up to you. We deliberately have not disclosed any details as this is unbecoming.
But let it be noted:
We are not
Damaged, possessed with spirits, filled with angst, on a power trip, obsessed with money, staging a coup, or playing a game. Or any other ‘Outlandish” suggestion that may be put forward.

We are not Disingenuous or Machiavellian in nature.
What you get with us is ‘LAZER TARGETED TRUTH”.

Please take a moment to reflect on that when being fed ‘false flags” (inaccurate information).  If nothing else
WISDOM & DISCERNMENT will never let you down.   Truth always wins the day
As mentioned before, we are not legally obliged to issue a statement, but we are ending this process as we started it. With truth honesty and most of all with our FAITH IN GOD still intact.

We have met some truly great people and powerful CHRISTIANS. Dedicated students, Insiders Club members.  Gifted Apostles, Pastors, Evangelists, and Teachers.  And it has been an absolute honour and privilege to get to know some of you

It warms our hearts and restores our FAITH in the yolk of human kindness.

We extend nothing but heartfelt gratitude to have had this experience. & We will carry this forward for the rest of our lives. PRAISE BE TO GOD.


Stuart & Lola Cronshaw.

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